Apply now to the Fashionware PLM Beta Program and be among the first to experience Fashionware PLM’s uniquely designed User Interface and intuitive and simple to navigate functionalities. If selected we will work closely with you to ensure that the software is first-rate in meeting the needs of your company.  Learn more about how Fashionware PLM can help your company grow as well as eligibility for special incentives and discounts when subscribing to the software.


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Fashionware PLM will change the way you think about managing your design and product development processes.

Product Lifecycle Management

Created for small and medium-sized fashion companies to streamline day-to-day team collaboration of design concepts, sample requests and tech packs.

Simple to Use

An intuitive, quick to set up and easy to navigate software created for fast paced fashion companies handling numerous, complex and frequent changes to their products.

Secure Sharing

Easily manage user permissions to control company data that is shared, reviewed and updated by internal users and teams,customers, vendors and manufacturers.

Digital Asset Management

Quickly and easily create digital libraries of color, fabric, trim and style concepts. Search, filter and generate relevant information in real-time in highly visual reports.

Real-time Collaboration

Stay on top of production deadlines with discussion threads, urgent notifications and inline messaging with your design and development teams and business partners.

Create Reports Instantly

Generate dynamic reports on the fly and share highly visual presentations with co-workers and business partners anywhere.

Sample Tracking

Manage the sample approval process with supporting images, construction details, style specifications, cost sheets and Bills of Materials.

Access from Anywhere

Stay mobile and connected and access your product data from anywhere with an Internet connection and a browser.

Key Capabilities

System Features

  • Easy to learn and quick time to benefit.

  • User interface and navigation that is pleasing and intuitive.

  • Secure access to information anytime and anywhere on your computer, tablet or smartphone

  • Drill down access to your information with results presented in highly visual reports.

Create Concept Galleries

  • Add color, fabric, trim and style concept images to My Gallery and/or Division Gallery.

  • Quickly export concept items/images to Product Development stage.

Color Palettes

  • Centralized color standards and digital color management.

  • Create and manage seasonal color palettes.

  • Individual color and palette printing capabilities.

Raw Material Libraries

  • Create and manage fabric and trim libraries classified and sorted by material groups and subgroups.

  • Multi-vendor sourcing and pricing.

  • Maintain material usage by style.

  • Create and share fabric and trim cards.

  • Maintain supporting documents, images and notes at the item level.

Style Managment

  • Easily and quickly set up, classify and sort styles by division, season, merchandise, category and subcategory.

  • Manage design/style elements, i.e., colors, materials, sketches, documents and images.

  • Build visual Bills of Materials and maintain variations.

  • Generate cost sheets from Bills of Materials, FOB quotes and manage variations.

  • Create and maintain spec sheets and variations from grade table admin.

  • Request and track sample variations, fit specifications and design comments from designers, technical design specialists, agents and manufacturers.

  • Select content, create a tech pack and instantly share with company teams and/or business partners located anywhere.

  • Notes and messages with integrated discussion threads.

Real-time Collaboration

  • Post a note at an item, mark as important and notify a team member.

  • Reply to a note and create a threaded conversation.

  • Start a new message and reference any color, fabric, trim or style.

  • Start a new message and send a sample request or tech pack to company teams and/or business partners located anywhere.

Headquartered in New York City’s Garment Center, Fashionware Technologies has leveraged its fashion industry expertise to create Fashionware PLM an innovative, affordable and compelling cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management solution.

Designed by fashion experts expressly for small and medium-sized fashion companies, this intuitive easy to use software solution contains all the must have functionalities for managing and collaborating on the product development process available in a familiar ready to use environment.
Fashionware Technologies' Founder and Chief Visionary is Dr. Paul A. Friedman, Ph.D. whose prior experiences form the foundation for his vision that small and medium-sized fashion businesses can be best fitted to a product lifecycle management software solution where simplicity and feature rich functionality coexist. Dr. Friedman's experience includes 25 years of working with his family's global outerwear business where he supervised design and product development, manufacturing, imports and distribution and information technology. In May 2004, Dr. Friedman decided to invest his own time, energy and knowledge into creating what he knew was a better way to manage the product development process, by combining fashion industry best practices with innovative web technology and Fashionware PLM was born.
In the engineering of Fashionware PLM Nicole Lenzen, Fashionware's Senior VP of Product Development incorporates her more than ten years of combined experiences in fashion design, technology and project management into the unique final design of Fashionware PLM. Ms. Lenzen has succeeded in bringing innovation to the software while at the same time keeping the users first and foremost in mind. Through her efforts designers, creative fashion professionals, product development specialists and technical fashion professionals will discover that Fashionware PLM's navigation and functionality are intuitive and easy to follow. Learning the software, entering and retrieving information have been simplified for the creative and technical professional, for the pro and the novice

For inquires please contact us

Fashionware Technologies Corp

500 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10018


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