Dr. Paul A. Friedman Ph.d   April 2004
 Co-Founder and President-Fashionshare Technologies Corp. Bio ...

Sandra Muriel-Colorado    April 2004
 Co-Founder and Director of Development Fashionshare Technologies Corp. Bio..

Kate Brodfuehrer   February 2009
 Vice President - Sales and Marketing 
Sarah Faith Weller   October 2008
 Vice President - Client Services  Bio..

About Us

Fashionware Technologies a New York-headquartered developer of online business solutions and services for the fashion industries. Its mission is to help small and medium size fashion companies develop and maintain sustainable competitive advantage by connecting employees, business partners and customers worldwide in real time. The company provides a range of solutions for streamlining the product lifecycle.

Fashionware was founded in 2004 by Dr. Paul A. Friedman and Sandra Muriel-Colorado, both veterans of the New York fashion industry. Dr. Friedman�s experience includes 25 years with his family�s global outerwear business, S. Rothschild & Co., where he served in every department, retiring as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer to form Fashionware. Dr. Friedman is also a professor teaching Product Development at LIM-The College for the Business of Fashion. Ms. Muriel-Colorado was with S. Rothschild & Co. for 20 years, assuming increasingly more responsible positions in information technology. Most recently, she was the Director of Information Technology Support.

Fashionware�s breakthrough product is Fashionshare�, an online communications and collaboration software tool for product lifecycle management. Fashionshare� revolutionizes the way fashion companies work by allowing for instantaneous collaboration over the web in a highly intuitive and consistent user interface and reporting environment. Whether creating storyboards, line sheets, line development calendars, fabric and trim cards, visual specs or product catalogs, Fashionshare� provides a comfortable look and feel for all users. In contrast to other collaboration tools that require considerable customization and lengthy implementation times, Fashionshare� leverages standard industry best practices that make it simple to set up and use. Requiring no on-site software installation, it runs on virtually any computer capable of accessing the Internet.

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