Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Fashionshare� is a product life cycle software solution that combines the rich tradition of 'apparel industry best practices' with the power to 'collaborate and share' over the Internet.

Our breakthrough product is an online communications and collaboration software tool for product lifecycle management. Fashionshare� revolutionizes the way fashion companies work by allowing for instantaneous collaboration over the web in a highly intuitive and consistent user interface and reporting environment. Whether creating storyboards, line sheets, line development calendars, fabric and trim cards, visual specs or product catalogs, Fashionshare� provides a comfortable look and feel for all users. In contrast to other collaboration tools that require considerable customization and lengthy implementation times, Fashionshare� leverages standard industry best practices that make it simple to set up and use. Requiring no on-site software installation, it runs on virtually any computer capable of accessing the Internet.

Throughout the design and development of Fashionshare we have maintained a commitment to executives and their teams with a working environment that is fashion, that features product visibility, is intuitive, easy to use and simple to set up.

A scalable, web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Fashionshare� allows merchandisers, designers, sourcing managers, vendors, suppliers and retailers to share a single version of style, fabric and trim information. It enables users to merchandise, plan and assort product lines, manage individual colors and seasonal palettes, source fabric and trim and collaborate on all relevant information. Fashionware has tested Fashionshare� extensively and used it collaboratively in the product design, development and merchandising departments throughout S. Rothschild and with select S. Rothschild suppliers. It will also be used in the LIM course, Applied Fashion Merchandising.

Fashionshare as a solution
· industry best practices
· reduce critical lead times
· instant collaboration
· centralized database
· increase productivity
Fashionshare as a service
· low capital investment
· rapid implementation
· reduce operational cost
· flexible functionality
· accessible on demand
· merchandise and plan product lines
· manage colors and palettes
· source fabrics and trims
· share product information with anyone, anytime anywhere
· visually share information to reduce critical lead times
· increase individual and team productivity
· collaborate in an instantaneous and secure environment
· reduce versioning errors with a centralized database
· leverage fashion industry best practices
· simple to setup and use
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